'No chains, no fancy cars,' Mic Jordan raps, 'just my music and my brain.'

This Anishinaabe Rapper Was Saved by Music, Now He's Giving It Away


Mic Jordan, Anishinaabe, is a hip hop artist from Belcourt, ND, who is currently based in Fargo. Like many young people, he grew up loving music, and what he's doing with it today deonstrates a belief that it's more powerful than mere entertainment. His biography at his official Facebook page talks about "us[ing] his voice to tackle issues about gun violence, alcoholism, and self confidence."

Perhaps the title of his latest single says it all: "Music Saved Me," which comes off an album, Sometime After 83, he plans to release this summer. He's currently offering the track as a free download at BandCamp.

The guest vocals on "Music Saved Me" are provided by Ashley Rose.

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