Olbermann's Three Worst People: Dan Snyder, Dan Snyder and Dan Snyder


Keith Olbermann doesn't pull his punches, and he's not to everyone's taste. But for his fans, one of the most beloved bits he does is always his countdown of the three most unpleasant -- in his extremely opinionated opinion -- people in the news on a given day. Called "Worst Person in the World," it's a tradition he's carried over from his news/politics show that ran on MSNBC from 2003 to 2012 to his current gig as a long-form sports pundit on ESPN2. (Techincally it is now called "Worst Person in the Sports World").

"Worst Person" is always three different people, with just one exception we're aware of (and we do not claim to have seen every show Olbermann has ever done) -- in November 2005, he gave Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly all three (Worse, Worser and Worst) un-coveted honors.

Make that two exceptions. Last night, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder hit the Worst Person trifecta. Here's the clip:

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Michael Madrid
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Thank you, Keith Olbermann! ___________ I can already hear the backlash! Redneck #1: Ah, cahn't stan thet libral a-hole. Whut does this have to do with sports? NFL fan #1: Don't those stupid injuns know we're honoring them? Redneck #2: They won't evah change the name, it's traditional. NFL fan #2: Here come de PC Police! Redneck #3: This here's a free country! Whut happened to freedom 'o speech? NFL fan #3: Why are they mixing politics with football? Redneck #4: They've taken muh country from me! Dang librals are a'taken over ever thang - it's all Obama's fault!