Update: UNCC Sorority Apologized to Native American Sorority President


Moments after we published our story on the controversy over a Pocahontas-themed performance by the Sigma Kappa sorority at UNC-Charlotte, the author of the piece received a response from Jordan Bentley, Executive Director of Sigma Kappa.

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Bentley shared a letter that had been sent to Symphony Oxendine, National President of Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, the oldest and largest Native American sorority, on April 17. While it demonstrates a recognition of the issue by the sorority, it was not shared with the public. Indeed, Evan Mathis, Vice President of UNCC's Native American Student Organization, told ICTMN yesterday he was disappointed Sigma Kappa had not apologized, even though this letter had been sent to Oxendine a week earlier.

Here's the relevant text: 

Recently, the Theta Mu Chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority participated in a Disney-themed Greek Week dance competition at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte portraying the movie “Pocahontas,” including the use of clothing and makeup to further their theme. While the chapter intended to represent the movie, its representation of Native American people was inappropriate.

Sigma Kappa Sorority and its Theta Mu Chapter deeply regret offending the Native American community by this action. Theta Mu Chapter appreciates the offer of assistance from Alpha Pi Omega Sorority Inc., the oldest and largest Native American Greek letter organization, to provide education to the larger UNCC Greek community on this issue and looks forward to partnering with them in fall 2014.

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