Videos: Man on the Street: Keystone XL Pipeline Protest in DC

Vincent Schilling

Washington, D.C. was the site of another prominent protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline on April 22, as activists from Canada and the United States converged to share their thoughts.

The protest organized by groups like Reject and Protect, Cowboy and Indian Alliance, and others held a march, demonstrations, and a built a Tipi camp at the National Mall.

ICTMN’s Man on the Street Vincent Schilling was on hand talking to the activists and passersby alike to get a feel for how the event was going.

Activists such as Dallas Goldtooth and the Indigo Girls shared their causes for being apart of the events. But it is Crystal Lameman who sets the tone with descriptions of what her First Nations territory deals with on a regular basis from cancer-filled moose to respiratory infections and constant oil spills.

As for those whose curiosity was caught by the day, Schilling gets their input as well. From a few of Cleveland, Ohio’s University School students who shared their thoughts as well as a family from Spotsylvania, Virginia. Though some of the responses were intuitive and interesting, there were still a few places where Indian country may realize we have more opportunity to create teachable moments.

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Mr. Schilling, from different perspective of non-colonial country, in Poland in 2nd part of 20c, kids who watched american westerns and then playing cowboys/Indians were on cowboys side, those who watched same westerns but also read Winnetou were on Indian side.... Well, looks that America is changing too.