Courtesy Haskell University
Ron Rousseau plays for Haskell University and served in Afghanistan

Haskell Student Athletes Use Military Experience to Excel in Sports

Rodney Harwood

Rousseau and his mother Anne LeCompte will be in the same graduating class in May. He will go to Officer’s Candidate school this summer and move his family to Moscow, Idaho, next fall where he will enter law school.

Doctors told Turley he would never run again after taking shrapnel from an RPG round during Operation Enduring Freedom. He served as a radio operator for a scout platoon in Southern Zerok. The scout team initiated an ambush and took heavy return fire. As the enemy attempted to surround his position, he had five RPG’s impact within seven meters and took shrapnel to his leg.


PFC Chris Turley (Courtesy of Chris Turley)The Osage Nation tribal member returned fire and helped keep the enemy force from overrunning their position, earning the Commendation Medal with a stamp of valor.

Turley used that same courage under fire in his rehabilitation and hopes to play wide receiver for the Fighting Indian football team next fall. “To be able to step up and serve is the greatest calling one can answer on behalf of his People, as well as the nation,” said Turley, who was stationed with the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, before deployment. “After I got hit, I got blown off the side of a mountain about 15-20 meters down the hill. My platoon sergeant [Williams Fleck] came running down after me. He told me to keep firing while he drug me up by the back of my kit. He basically saved my life because I couldn’t use my leg.”

In the rehabilitation process that followed, Turley went from wheelchair to crutches to physical therapy. He overcame the doctors prognosis. “I kept that in the back of my mind the whole time,” said Turley, whose goal is to coach basketball and football, as well as, pursue officer’s training through the ROTC program at Kansas University.


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