Courtesy Haskell University
Ron Rousseau plays for Haskell University and served in Afghanistan

Haskell Student Athletes Use Military Experience to Excel in Sports

Rodney Harwood

He met with Haskell football coach Jimmy Snyder during spring ball and Snyder will put the 26-year-old to work next fall.

Originally from Oklahoma, Warrior moved to the Winnebago Reservation in Nebraska when she was in high school. She enlisted in the Army out of high school and serves on weekends with the National Guard. The discipline she learned through her military training has carried over to the basketball floor. The Southern Ponca tribal member averaged 16.5 points a game with five rebounds. She had a big night against Southwestern (Kansas) this past season, scoring 25 points and came down with an impressive 15 rebounds.

Kelli Warrior (Courtesy Haskell University)

“I’ve always been comfortable with who I am, but the military taught me to be a leader,” she said. “You have to stand up and trust your teammates. My coach and my sergeant say the same thing about trust. The Army taught me how to grow up and be a soldier and that’s what I see with basketball and college. It’s not high school in a protective environment anymore. It’s time to step up.”




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