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Elvis' great-great-great-grandmother, Morning White Dove (1800-1835), was a Cherokee Indian.

How Did I Miss That? Cherokee Rock Star’s Birthplace Spared; NBA Discovers Racism

Steve Russell

Foreign Policy saluted Justin Beiber’s “talent for seemingly effortless international gaffes.” The Beibster Instagramed a photo of himself visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, which honors Japanese war dead, including 14 convicted war criminals---a major bone of contention for 1.3 billion Chinese that had escaped Mr. Bieber’s notice. When The Canadian Legend posted an apology ending “I love you China and I love you Japan,” a Chinese Netizen provided a snarky translation: “I love renminbi; I love…yen.”

Loving money doesn’t always mean you can keep track of it. Bank of America announced on April 28 that they had made a slight accounting error that made them appear better capitalized than they were…to the tune of $4 billion. I went to ask Cousin Ray what he thought, but he was busy trying to balance his checkbook.

Morning Joe reported April 30 that a new program is putting alcoholics to work in Amsterdam and paying them in beer. Two beers for breakfast stop delirium tremens long enough for the drunks to pull a shift picking up trash, after which they get a hot meal and three more beers. Those in the program appear to drink less and eat better than other drunks. Remembering my time in the military, I can’t imagine beer for breakfast….without cold pizza.

AZCentral reported that legislation to continue the Arizona Historical Society is in trouble. The Society operates seven museums and its collection includes Wyatt Earp’s shotgun and Geronimo’s rifle. Cousin Ray and I wondered if Arizona’s loss could somehow be turned into tribal gains, since there’s a lot of Arizona history that’s waiting to be told from a tribal perspective?


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