Edward S. Curtis
'Mother and Child (Apsaroke Indian)' by Edward S. Curtis

Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) No. 1: Native Mothers

Gyasi Ross

This is actually my first Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) piece, and I know I'm turning it in on Thursday night. I am a proud product of three different reservations (Blackfeet, Nisqually and Suquamish), and on this one occasion I am invoking that privilege -- delivering this to you on not just Indian time, but TRIPLE Indian time.

And my first Woman Crush Wednesday is in honor of Mother’s Day. To paraphrase the HORRIBLE (yet I loved them) 80s group “The Jets,” “Indian moms—I’ve got a crush on you.”

Call me Oedipal; I DID, after all, breastfeed till I was about 8. 

QUICK STORY: Recently, while at a random Subway in rural Montana, my seven-year-old son was munching on a gawdawful Tuna Fish and Salami and Pepperjack cheese sandwich. He likes those. Like me, he’s always looking for something to read while he eats and so he took to reading the side of the beverage cooler and it happened to be a Snapple cooler. The side of the Snapple cooler said, “Made from the best stuff on earth.”

My son quickly turned to me with his brow furrowed, mad. He said, “That thing is lying; that’s not the best stuff on earth.”

I smiled and wondered what was next. I said, “Oh no, what is?”

Still chewing he said, “Mom’s turkey and sweet potato stew.”

It IS pretty good. Still, I smiled broadly and HAD to call his mom immediately. Ambulance chaser that I am, we might have a lawsuit on our hands—sue Snapple for fraud.


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