Courtesy White Mountain Apache Tribe

Pow Wow in the Pines to Offer Greetings, Bless Corn Pollen

Lee Allen

The host drums play an important part in the festivities. “Drum groups provide the rhythms and sounds essential to a pow wow,” says Groebner. “Drum groups are, first and foremost, singers who sit in small circles that surround the drum being played. The energy level attained at an event is created by the drum group. And their music is always haunting, spiritual, and uplifting.”

This year’s Pow Wow in the Pines will also feature an initiation ceremony for two families in which their children are introduced into the pow wow world. “Family members and close friends will speak on their behalf, highlighting their accomplishments in school, sports, and other recognitions,” says Whitaker, adding, “The families will present gifts to those who have been a part of the young person’s life.”

“People who regularly attend pow wows consider this recognition a good thing because it brings young people into the pow wow world, helping ensure its continuation,” Whitaker said.


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