Organ Mountains Desert Peaks Coalition
New Mexico tribal leaders visit Providence Cone.

Tribal Leaders Tour Proposed Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument


This is a press release from the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks Coalition.

Leaders from five Native American tribes—Ysleta de Sur Pueblo, Cochiti Pueblo, Tesuque Pueblo, Jemez Pueblo and the Fort Sill Apache Tribe—recently toured several sacred sites in the proposed Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument in New Mexico. The tour comes just weeks after the All Pueblo Council of Governors (APCG) endorsed the proposed national monument in a joint resolution citing the profound spiritual and historic resources in the region and their enduring impact on Native American culture.

The resolution by APCG was unanimously ratified on March 19 and can be seen here.

The tour on May 2 was an opportunity for several tribal leaders from throughout the region to reconnect with and offer blessings for the proposed monument.

Ysleta del Sur Tribal Council Member Rafael “Shorty” Gomez has been visiting the proposed monument for more than two years.

“The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks region holds rich cultural connections for our tribe and for other Native tribes in New Mexico. We strongly support the National Monument proposal to protect both these public lands as well as our ability to access sacred sites within them,” Gomez said.


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