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Workers sop up some of the 50,000 gallons of oil that spewed from a pipeline though a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Pipeline Rupture in Los Angeles Spews 50,000 Gallons of Oil in 40-Foot Geyser


It was Mayflower, Arkansas all over again on May 14 as 50,000 gallons of oil spewed in a 40-foot geyser from a pipeline in the middle of Los Angeles.

The culprit was a malfunctioning pump station in the Atwater Village section of Los Angeles, Reuters reported, attributing the information to Plains Pipeline LP, the unit of Plains All American Pipeline, LP, which runs the Plains West Coast pipeline.

The break occurred in a 20-inch above-ground pipeline at around 1 a.m., the Los Angeles Times reported. The oil covered half a mile, spreading over an open lot and the roof of a strip club next door, and the fumes made two people, Reuters said. Captain Jamie Moore of the Los Angeles Fire Department told the newswire that the pipeline is routed between the San Joaquin Valley in California to Long Beach. It was shut off remotely, while firefighters worked, though oil continued to spew for a time.

"We are on hand vacuuming up the spilled oil, mopping up what's left behind and pressure washing the area with a soap solution," Moore told Reuters. "The responders are mopping what's on the ground with absorbent diapers."

The incident was reminiscent of spills that have occurred in Mayflower, Arkansas and near the Kalamazoo River in Michigan over the past few years.

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
. . . now about those assurances that the Keystone Pipeline will NEVER experience a similar problem . . . All this particular leak ruined is some concrete and the roof of a strip club. Imagine the potential damage the Keystone Pipeline could cause to the almost pristine areas it will cross.