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Dog versus boy versus one pissed-off cat: Tara bolts after the attacking dog while Erica Triantafilo runs to check her 4-year-old son's wounds.

Video: Rez Dogs Have Nothing on This Furry Fireball, as Cat Saves Boy From Attack


We love our rez dogs—they are our brethren, after all—but this cat drew our attention for acting in, dare we say a dog-like manner? Against a dog, no less.

Little Jeremy Triantafilo was playing placidly on his bicycle in his driveway recently when a neighbor’s watchdog ran up and attacked. Just as it was dragging the 4-year-old into the street by the leg, a furry cannonball launched itself down the driveway, pulling the animal off of Jeremy and sending it bolting. Then the cat, Tara, ran after the dog to make sure it didn’t return.

The blink-of-an-eye drama was caught by two surveillance cameras, and the boy’s father, ‪Roger Triantafilo, compiled the footage into a video. It was only when he saw the footage that he realized what Tara, the cat, had done.

“It was pretty amazing to see just a cat take on a dog and so selflessly just put herself out there and not worry about if she was going to get bit or injured herself,” Triantafilo told Today. "I think that dog did not know what hit him.”

According to ABC News, the cat and the tot have had a longstanding relationship since he was born.

“The cat adopted the couple five years ago, following them home from the park one day,” the reporter says. “When Jeremy was a newborn, she’d climb into his crib, and curl up beside him.”

See the heartwarming story, and the amazing attack-rescue, below.

The original video, which shows some graphic shots of the boy’s wounds, has garnered more than six million hits on YouTube. Not included in the ABC News version above is the shot of the mother running away - the commentary explains that mother Erica Triantafilo, having checked her son’s wounds, ran to make sure the dog didn’t come back. She, too, was bitten as she tried to pin the animal in its yard. The owners were on hand as well, and eventually confined the animal. Jeremy required several stitches to close two large lacerations.

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Michael Madrid
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That little cat was akin to Geronimo attacking a larger, more confident force. :)