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Kern and Dr. Michael West of the Creek Nation Indian Health Clinic. Kern shadowed Dr. West during the summer, solidifying his interests in medicine.

Choctaw Student Earns Dual Scholarships to Duke

Bret Moss, Choctaw Nation SAP

“Jordan is an outstanding example of the potential found within our Choctaw students,” said SAP Director Jo McDaniel, who has witnessed Kern utilize many of the aspects of the program. “We wish him the best and are humbled to have played a part in his outstanding journey.”

Coming in contact with many prestigious universities during his collegiate search, Duke stood out among the rest. “The main thing that pushed me to apply to Duke University was the students.  Everyone on campus has great spirit,” Kern said. “I knew from the moment I stepped on campus that I had found the place I wanted to be.” 

When he arrives on campus in the fall, Kern plans to continue his work with Friends of Benton—work that consists of procuring medical equipment for special needs children who are unable to afford such items. 

Along with that passion, Kern has taken the charge to encourage more Native American students to pursue higher education.

“I recently read an article that stated only 13 percent of Native Americans graduate from college. I laughed because I will be one of those numbers. I laughed because I know that our generation of students will shatter stereotype,” said Kern as he demonstrated his confidence in not only himself, but other Native students. “I want to be an example for current Choctaw students, proof that anyone can accomplish their goals.”


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