Courtesy Kamamak Cosmetics
First Nations (Nuxalk Nation) singer Crystal J models Kamamak Cosmetics eyeshadows in Satin, Brown Beauty and Moccasin, and blush in Brown Sugar.

All-Natural Beauty: 7 Indigenous-owned Skincare and Cosmetic Lines You'll Love

Lynn Armitage

4. Native Naturals

Owned by an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota, Native Naturals manufactures an American Indian Spa Line of lotions, shampoos, conditioners, scrubs and oils made from plants that, according to ancient wisdom, have special healing powers: tobacco, sage, sweetgrass and cedar. Native Naturals says that their products were created “for those who want to connect more fully with the world of plants and spirits; to reconnect with the source that deeply feeds us - to bring mind, body and spirit into perfect balance.” (

Native Naturals products in wild Sweetgrass


5. Native Wisdom

A family-run skin-care company started by a native named Jennifer Wolf, who worked as a chemist for the Food and Drug Administration and performed extensive research on herbal products. According to the website, their body butters and lotions contain beautifying ingredients used by indigenous cultures from all over the world, such as blueberry and pomegranate extracts and honey. They are free of parabens, phthalate and sulfates, and housed in recyclable containers. “As Native Americans, it was important to us to look to Mother Earth for answers on how to create natural products safe and exquisite enough for the whole family,” said Wolf. (

Native wisdoms beauty products are formulated with ingredients used by Indigenous cultures around the world, such as blueberry extract, organic shea butter, honey, pomegranate extract. (Courtesy Native Wisdom)


6. Mother Earth Essentials

A 100 percent Indigenous-owned company based in Alberta, Canada, that makes cleansers, lotions, oils, scrubs, creams, soaps, balms, medicinal tea blends, soy candles at “affordable prices.” Their emphasis is on using natural, sustainable ingredients from Mother Earth to help protect Mother Earth.  A portion of their tea profits are used to fund culture camps on aboriginal land to promote and preserve traditional knowledge and culture for indigenous youth. (

Mother Earth Essentials Berry Seed Facial Oil (Courtesy Mother Earth Essentials)


7. Kamamak Cosmetics

A mineral-based color cosmetics company that is 100 percent aboriginal-owned, headquartered in British Columbia. They manufacture colorful eyes shadows, lipsticks, creams, blushes and face powders that include gentle ingredients such as lanolin, Vitamin E, mica, grapefruit seed extract and jojoba oils. The website says that Kamamak products are “infused with the native culture of north America—a modern, fun, sophisticated, take on cosmetic art.”  (

The butterfly-flower compacts hold an array of eyeshadow colors with Native-inspired names, like Tipiskaw, Regalia and Turtle Island. (Courtesy Kamamak Cosmetics)

Model wears Kamamak Cosmetics eyeshadow in Beauty, Tipi, Ballet, and White Gold; blush in Kiss of Peach; and lipstick in Romance. (Courtesy Kamamak Cosmetics)


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