Makayla Sault, right, with her parents, Pastors Ken and Sonya Sault, and siblings.

Ojibwe Child Will Not Be Taken From Parents or Forced to Resume Chemo


Eleven-year-old Makayla Sault will not be seized from her parents in Missisaugas of the New Credit First Nation, Ontario, for their allowing her to abandon chemotherapy in favor or traditional medicine, the Executive Director of the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) of Brant, Andrew Koster, said in a statement.

Makayla, Ojibwe, suffers from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She asked her parents to quit chemotherapy after 11 weeks of treatment that left her exhausted and nauseated. She is now receiving Six Nations traditional medicine known as "Ongwehowe Onǫhgwatri:yo:" via a Six Nations healer. On May 7, Makayla released a video of her reading a letter to her Band Council requesting their support for her decision to discontinue chemotherapy and rely solely on traditional medicine to treat her cancer.

Previously, Koster called the family's decision "a very tragic situation," and added, "We have to decide as an agency how we wish to handle this."

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Yesterday, Koster stated the agency is stopping its investigation of the matter, reported the Two Row Times. CAS will not apprehend Makayla and force her to resume chemotherapy.

"We do not have any intention of interfering with the family or apprehending Makayla or any of her other siblings. We respect Makayla’s choice. This is a unanimous decision from the Children’s Aid Society. We have no intention of taking this thing any further. We’ve looked at the information at this point that we have. We respect the wishes of the family, the wishes of Makayla and the wishes of the community. We will not be apprehending. We want to keep our word," Koster said at a community meeting of about 40 invited officials and dozens of supporters Tuesday afternoon.

Sally Rivers, the director of aboriginal services for the Brant CAS, noted that the agency "acknowledges and respects [indigenous] medicine," and added that she and the organization "acknowledge and honour Makayla’s choice."
Rivers also told CTV that she and her colleagues "did not feel it was … our job to force Makayla to do treatment she and her family felt was not being of benefit to her."

Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation Chief Bryan LaForme thanked Makayla's many supporters in attendance for respecting the Nation's decision to stand by the Sault family. "Chief and Council also support the decision that the family have made," he said.

At the close of the meeting, Rivers presented the Saults with a blanket and a braid of sweetgrass, and offered words of reconciliation on behalf of the Native Services Branch of the CAS, reported the Two Row Times.

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Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
Now this is what I like to hear! OUR people being listened to & OUR beliefs recognized. Praise the Creator for causing those Canadian agencies to acknowledge this First Nations family's rights come before any governmental agencies beliefs! We need to be hearing about MORE cases being settled in First Nations favor in the USA as well as Canada. How many times do we read in the USA about children being taken from a family who decided medical treatments go against their religious beliefs & the parents arrested & charged with child neglect? Far too often! It is flat out wrong to force anyone, regardless of age, gender or religious beliefs, to have their bodies poisoned by these chemicals & radiation hospitals & big pharmacies tout as "the best" treatment for this or that. No one & I mean, no individual or no governmental agency has any right whatsoever to force a parent to decide between their religious beliefs or having their child taken from them to be forced to submit to medical procedures or interventions. Be it cancer treatments or vaccinations. Stand up against these evil people who believe government knows what's best for anyone! Speak out against individuals who are working in governmental agencies who believe their education makes them superior to those of us who have religious beliefs that go contrary to what these nosey busy-bodies feel is right for you or your children! Stand up, speak out & don't tolerate anyone or any agency that refuses to believe your religious rights mean something & want to take your child from you just because you do not believe as these white bigots & Christians want to force you to believe who work in government agencies that deal with children & families. I don't care if it's that public school you send those children to or that social worker that wants to impose their ways on you & your family. YOUR religious beliefs trumps any agencies or individual's ideas of what is right or wrong! Stand up for you & your family's religious native beliefs anytime anyone wants to stomp on them! The Creator gifted you your children to teach your beliefs; not other's opinions of their beliefs.

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Submitted by jsmaupin on
Toxins in pesticides, herbicides, food additives and preservatives, water fluoridating chemicals, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), and vaccines cause many diseases, such as cancer. Please encourage your tribe to oppose water fluoridation. Learn about vaccines ingredients such as polysorbate-80, squalene, aluminum, and thimerosal before you use them and make an informed choice. See www.fluoridealert.org and www.nvic.org for more information. Read Healing the Gerson Way written by Charlotte Gerson, available at www.gerson.org.