'Unless We Interrupt Your Sports, You're Not Paying Attention to Us'


Frequent ICTMN contributor Simon Moya-Smith appeared on Fox News last night to discuss the Washington Redskins and the letter sent by 50 U.S. Senators to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Kudos to Simon for venturing into the Bizarro-world of Fox News, where the narrative is predetermined and enforced by a 3-to-1 ratio. Predictably, the Indian in the discussion found himself explaining the basics of racism to three white people:

How do you score it? Interesting points being made here, and by "interesting" we mean less-than-accurate.

According to host Megyn Kelly, if most people think something isn't racist, then it's not a problem. This is a strange argument that would invalidate every improvement in the public dialogue concerning race, since African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and American Indians are all minority groups. Ben Shapiro of "media watchdog" website truthrevolt.org said that this is not the most important issue facing Native Americans, therefore they cannot complain about it. Sportscaster Jim Gray, reading from notes we'd like to see, shared the utter falsehood that the NCAI designed the Washington Redskins logo. Wait, what? Shapiro quoted the U.S. Constitution, which is always a smart move on Fox News even if it's not relevant, and he and Kelly concurred that the real issue here is, as usual, that our darn government is too big for its britches. All three had stopped making sense well before the end of the segment -- Moya-Smith's kicker about interrupting sports was accurate when it comes to football and the sport of cable news punditry.

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montanamiddle's picture
Submitted by montanamiddle on
FOX News reporting style: Interrupt continuously if they don't fit into their conservative drone mode.

Bill Hayes
Bill Hayes
Submitted by Bill Hayes on
Would love to quote this, but I'm an old white guy. May I have your permission to change "Indian" to "Native American" so I don't get excoriated?

Donwhitmore's picture
Submitted by Donwhitmore on
Sad how they "debate." Fill a conversation with three people for and one against, the only one with context. Then ask him questions with no rebuttals allowed. What a joke that was.

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
According to Moya-smith's argument, my generation was scarred from the Washington REDSKINs Superbowl win and appearances from the 1980s. Every year since then, we've managed to get by but live around the mascot names every sport season. I never had supported this theory where like any others, we've moved on: some finishing school, establishing/changing careers, and helping our parents and grandparents. There are far too many greater tasks at hand to do than to sit and dwell on an ideology that doesn't put food on table, fix the pickup truck, keep the water turned on, dispose of household trash, take parents to MD Specialists in ALBQ or PHX or Flagstaff, travel to/from border cities/towns for food/supplies/hay. The effort and effect of POLITICALLY SENSITIVIES is just down right scary considering their (Racial Agitators) facisim methods to 'changing' are reminscent of reading history from World War I and II. In other words, this happened in OTHER countries and World Governments, not the United States nor any political groups of the United States. Evidently, the PC groups and these Race Agitators are just as political but somewhere disgused in sheep's clothing….

newworldman's picture
Submitted by newworldman on
Using the excuse that since we have many other more important issues to be concerned about, we shouldn't worry about the name "redskin" is a complete cop-out. Newsflash: People today can actually multi-task -- proverbially "walk and chew gum at the same time" -- and address all of those other issues as well as the "redskin" fiasco. Imagine that.

Hope's picture
Submitted by Hope on
You are right - using the we have better things to do is a cop-out. Racism keeps this country down. It affects our economics as well as our effectiveness in dealing with other nations on their human rights issues. The argument of most "Americans" think it is okay to use that word is stupid. There was a time in this country when many "Americans" thought using the "N" word was okay. News flash any racist term is not okay to use. Here is what I say cut the NFL off at it's financial knees, for the NFL is a billion dollar industry that does not pay taxes. The IRS considers it to be a non-profit association. Tell them to deal with this issue or the IRS will take away their non-profit status and watch how fast things change.

Leslie Howry
Leslie Howry
Submitted by Leslie Howry on
There is no room in the present society of America the FREE for racial slurs!!

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
The obvious excuses/cop outs particularly directed toward American Indian Elders on living and maintaining homes on legitimate Indian Reservations is allowing the White House by-pass the promises and "if elected" fables from election 2008 and 2012. At this rate, the prevoius GWB Administration has done far more and Indian tribes have SEEN far greater than the current American Indian White House Policies. The cop out is NOT CHALLENGING the White House's $200 Million Initiative of "My Brother's Keeper". The excuse is not inquiring of the outcome of the much celebrated November White House Conferences of the American Indian, e.g. honestly - what has (if anything) been reported by ICMTN worthy of great achievement for the past 5+ years. Though, the Crow Reservation will get a 'visit' in June…… But instead - very informed and high educated and progressive tribal representatives are too consumed with issues/topics only reserved for THOSE who have too much time than to live and survive on indian reservations today.

Nizhoninez's picture
Submitted by Nizhoninez on
Yesterday I was remembering an uncle I never met...who was too young to pass at 17..on the beaches of Normandy on D day. ..he was my dad's oldest brother...my dad would always talk about him... that when he enlisted..he gave away all his clothes...shoes to the boys in the village...somehow knew he wasn't coming back...he went 4 our family..our people. .the community in hope the US govt would leave our people alone...he gave his life 4 our survival. ..just think during that time native people weren't even allowed to vote...in honor of him ...my dad...its not a happy memorial day 4 me...but one to thx those that sacrificed everything 4 our survival... that's why #ChangetheName ..is so important. ..our ancestors could not speak out...4 fear of persecution. ..so we were told to ignore or endure...but now we have the strength...the voice. ..to say #CHANGETHENAME in honor of the warriors like my uncle...my dad..cousins..its only right #IamNotYourMascot

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Mr. Moya-Smith should have saved his breath. It's clear to nearly anyone who can scratch his name in the dirt with a stick that Faux News has VERY LITTLE to do with facts and truth. It's a shame that they have such a dedicated audience, but then if they didn't where would the Cliven Bundy's and the Donald Sterling's get the notion that they're "entitled" to whatever they want?