'Time for Rain Dances Is Over' Says Water Department Billboard


The city of Long Beach, in California, has a problem with a water shortage -- and part of the Long Beach Water Department's mission is educating the public on the shortage. "Stop Wasting Water" is a slogan that the organization has adopted and put on its billboards and website.

All well and good. But the Department's website and at least one billboard also feature the slogan, "The Time for Rain Dances Is Over." This could be a problem. On his blog Newspaper Rock, ICTMN contributor Rob Schmidt writes that the billboard "qualifies as stereotypical because it implies Indians were superstitious fools who did nothing but rain dances. Actually, they conserved their water and thus managed to survive in a harsh desert climate."

The billboard is hosted by ClearChannel, which might not want to be associated with its sentiment. More importantly, the Long Beach Water Department is part of Long Beach's municipal government. As the saying goes -- your tax dollars at work. This could be a problem.

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