‘Those F**king Indians’ – Sag Chip Receives Racist Message


The latest form of disrespect and racially motivated comments towards American Indians came in the form of an alleged phone message for a Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Planning Engineer on May 6.

Donald Seal, the tribal engineer, reportedly received a message from Kirk Shewchuck, CFO of ACD.net, a telecommunications firm in Lansing, Michigan that was filled with a variety of racist slurs directed towards Indians.

The message is as follows: “We’ll see what happens. Those f**king Indians.  Let’s call them red man. You know what? F**k you! Let’s sic the Sault (?) Sioux Tribe on you! Let’s get a good old fashioned Indian war going! Woo woo woo (laughter) … go up to the reservation and so you don’t want a wireless tower here? You know what happens to your cell phone signals … (laughter) … I’ll turn it back on in a few minutes after you agree to …. Maybe they would like that.”

Tribal Chief Steve Pego, in response to the alleged message has taken a stand against the racist comments and the telecommunications executive. He stated, “These statements are just as irresponsible and disrespectful as those made by outspoken and often offensive Oakland County Executive, L. Brooks Patterson. I wonder if ACD.net CEO, Kevin Schoen tolerates this type of racial and vulgar activity by his executives?”

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan has a long history of working with other companies to provide services and entertainment to mid-Michigan in a mutually respectful manner a tribal press release states.

Pego went on to state, “In today’s society, tolerance and mutual respect are still goals to be obtained and not what we assume we should have. That in itself is a sad reality. I would ask that all Native Americans and other minority groups stand with us in denouncing Mr. Kirk Shewchuck and ACD.net.”

The audio message can be heard here.

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Submitted by ikwewe on
What dummy. As he is a business CEO, my guess is he discovered his ancestry and is exploiting it to gain minority points and recognition to promote his business. Many communities seek minority businesses as contractors to enhance their contractual opportunities. His ancestry is obviously not heart deep.

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John Iyawbay
Submitted by John Iyawbay on
What's even worse is the way the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan treats its own members. This is a terrible and hateful tribe that is always at the center of controversy. Its karma. Steve Pego has no room to talk...he is the most disrespectful leader the tribe has ever had.