AMERIND Risk Celebrates 17th Anniversary of Support for NAIHC With $150,000 Contribution


AMERIND Risk, the only 100 percent American Indian-owned and -operated insurance provider in Indian country, supports the National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) mission to promote the housing interests of Native people who reside in Indian communities. The company recently announced its 2014 commitment of $150,000 to the NAIHC, which continues AMERIND Risk’s past 17 years of contributions in support of Indian country infrastructure with quality and affordable construction and housing for Native Americans.

The contribution will be presented to NAIHC at their 40th Annual Convention and Trade Show scheduled June 3-5, 2014, at the Kansas City Marriott in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

“On behalf of our board, chairman and members, AMERIND Risk is proud to support the advocacy efforts of NAIHC, in fulfilling the United States’ trust obligations to tribes and our people. The home is the heart of Indian Country. Our purpose to create affordable and sustainable insurance products and services protecting Indian Country for almost 30 years, goes hand in hand, with NAIHC’s mission to provide quality affordable housing for Native people for the last 40 years. By partnering with NAIHC, AMERIND Risk looks forward to the journey of fulfilling our higher mission of empowerment, self-determination and sustainability of the Tribal Nations, and Natives we serve, for our common cause of — Tribes Protecting Tribes”, said Derek Valdo, AMERIND Risk CEO.

AMERIND Risk was founded almost 30 years ago, by more than 400 Tribes. They pooled their resources to create affordable and sustainable insurance products and services for Indian Country - to keep money in Indian country. AMERIND Risk provides property, liability and workers’ compensation, insurance for tribes, tribal governments, businesses and individual property coverage.

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