Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.)

House Passes Kirkpatrick’s Veteran Jobs Bill


U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.) continues her push to better the lives of United States military veterans with the news that her bill to help veterans transfer their military skills towards civilian licenses and find jobs with employers who want to hire veterans overwhelmingly passed the U.S. House of Representatives on May 29.

Veterans who return home following their military duty often face a myriad of obstacles with employment being a major concern due to the lack of a civilian license or certification – even though they may have the same skills and training as civilians. With the job market being a tough battlefield in itself, these current issues create barriers for those men and women looking to make the transition back to civilian life.

H.R. 2942, will remove those barriers by reviving an expert advisory panel (halted in 2006) to speed the VA’s recognition of new licensing and certification programs, allowing veterans to use GI Bill benefits to pay for those training programs and licensing exams. The panel’s subject-matter experts would also help veterans comply with licensing requirements that may differ from state to state.

“When veterans are able to put their skills to work, they can support their families, our local businesses thrive, and our communities benefit,” Kirkpatrick said. “We need to ensure their valuable experience in the military is not lost when they return home. These men and women have so much to offer in a workplace – not only teamwork, perseverance, loyalty and leadership, but also highly sought technical skills.”

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Submitted by bullbear on
Good work Rep. Kirkpatrick ! This is like putting a steak on Arizona's black eye from the Phoenix VA medical centers' likelihood of criminal negligence. One can only hope that the removal of barriers and recognition of military job skill licensing moves quicker than a turtle's pace. BTW/ while Sen. McCain was pointing his finger at President Obama for being responsible for the VA medical centers grievous fiasco, he had three pointing back at himself. The shame is only elevated as his campaign headquarters was a block away from the Phoenix VA hospital.