YouTube/Don Christensen
Wisconsin resident Don Christensen caught these two bear cubs wrestling in his backyard.

Frisky Bear Cubs Video Will Make You Forget Cute Kittens Forever


Kids will be kids will be kids.

Wisconsin resident Don Christensen was gazing out to his backyard in late May when he saw these two little cuties wrestling on the lawn. Nearby, their mother munched on grass as the kids rolled around roughhousing in a toddler version of mortal combat.

Bears are emerging from their dens around now, cubs and all, and friskiness is in the air.

“Female black bears give birth to two or three blind, helpless cubs in mid-winter and nurse them in the den until spring, when all emerge in search of food,” National Geographic says. “The cubs will stay with their very protective mother for about two years.”

At least Momma Bear won’t have to pay for college. 

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
This would have been much better had the videographer dubbed in the theme to The Benny Hill show. Nature is beautiful (and extremely dangerous) when the babies are about.

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