Pharrell Williams 'Genuinely Sorry' for Elle UK Cover. Happy Now?


In response to the backlash over his wearing of a feather headdress on the cover of Elle UK, pop star Pharrell Williams has issued an apology.

"I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture," Pharrell said in a statement, according to BuzzFeed. "I am genuinely sorry."

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Elle UK has yet to respond, according to BuzzFeed.

(We noticed a story that was posted to the satirical music site Wunderground days before the Elle UK cover surfaced—it might have been a good warning for Pharrell and the magazine's stylists: "Indian Headdresses Making It Easier To Spot Dickheads At Festivals".)

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bullbear's picture
Submitted by bullbear on
If Elle really gave a damn about the culture of America, they would bend over backwards to make things right for their inane cover photo. The truth be told is that America is filled with people in the business world who only see dollars flashing before their very eyes whereby ethics fall by the wayside if one ever existed. When, if ever, was there a piece devoted to the fashion trends, beauty and events where American Indians wear their colorful, bold and trendy designs that set us apart from the common society pages? In reality, we are relegated to the likes of Indian celebs at high-end auctions or fundraising dinners that Cowboys & Indians magazine may include, a photo or two, once a year. Come to think of it, I haven't worn my green and red, hot chili peppers, ribbon shirt to a function as of yet.

nativewomn's picture
Submitted by nativewomn on
This is Elle UK, in Britain, I believe. They give even less of a rat's heinie about us than this country does. And they think our regalia, or 'costume' is 'cute' and 'fashionable'. This is a fauxpology. He never indicated that he understood WHY it was wrong. And with all the controversies in the news lately, he should have known better.

JoeCamPoCam's picture
Submitted by JoeCamPoCam on
THIS (Indian Argument of Mascots and Headress) IS NOW A BOGUS ARGUMENT The Hunkpapa (may) and Crow (have) for all native nations created a new tradition of proving their assimilation by giving away the the very symbol of highest value. KEY WORD "VALUE" think about that - What good does it do to protect the importance and sacredness of a Plains Indian Headdress, if it is so easily given to a head of state? It is the same disrespect and disregard, and a sign of surrender, subjugation and assimilation. I understand the U.S. President (Obama) will be 'enrolled' and perhaps even presented with a headdress of his own by the Huinkpapa Lakota, which is their right. Enrollment of other natives and non-indians into any nation is a right of tribal council, just as a Hunkape (adoption) is the right of a Tiospaye. What lifetime commitment, or acts, has President Obama made to the Hunkpapa, or the Crow Nation--to any Indian Nation? And what can or will he do? (we'll get to that in a moment). This (any) Presidential enrollment, and ceremonial Headdress without any doubt, is a true and certain denigration of your traditions; more-so than Heidi Klum, Windy, or Pharrell using fake eagle feathers in a gain getting mockery (intentional or not). Is that not that the same as the tribe bowing down to their captive in hopes for another crust of bread? Yes. I say it is. I KNOW it is. Like a bunch of teenage groupies in preparation for a Justin Bieber concert tour to Bismark. The Crow Nation has sunk like the Bismark. Now, Sitting Bull must be turning in his grave. One thing is a historic fact(s). In Europe, and Asia, even in Africa, it is and always was; as it is in this case; a show of surrender and obedience, loss of power. Only a nation of slaves gives a crown to a conquering nation. Did the Hunkapa ever make an head chief from an ally Indian Nation a chief? No. You cannot be the Chief of two Nations, and neither can a US President. THEREFORE: Your headdress carry NO MEANING WHATSOEVER. There is no longer a viable argument to stop the mascots ; the entertainers, the Halloween Concerts from displaying a headdress. The Hunkpapa Nation--I should now say the "Standing Rock Tribe" NO not a Nation (has) (or will) prove their final and forever defeat, the disqualification of sovereignty, integrity; and from where I am concerned any viable argument that they should have and earned "pride". Awarding a sacred headdress , yet unearned, with no commitment, as a gesture, begging the President for what..? It is laughable. Redskins, keep your football team name. The Hunkapa as the Crow are setting an example for all Nations, that they are tribes, dependents, and undeserving of admiration and respect. Might as well install coin operated sweat lodges at sundance grounds. The new Halloween costume will likely be Obama mask and a chicken feather headdress. Are you going to give him a sacred pipe too? I am laughing at you.

Lynne McCreary
Lynne McCreary
Submitted by Lynne McCreary on
Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can go to Google and go to NATIVE AMERICAN MADE and come up with hundreds of Native American stores selling Head dresses and Regalia and none of it cheap. I can go to Ebay and get hundreds more made by Native Americans to order. Not one place says SOLD TO NATIVE AMERICANS ONLY. Fact is you can contact anyone of them and say I am not a Native American and don't know what I need and they will tell you and sell you. Don't you think you have NO RIGHT at all to bitch about others wearing something you sell them for profit knowing full well they will wear it? How can you think that others believe you are insulted? Seems to me you first stop making for public sale by Native Americans things you say the public has no right to wear. This will also clear up what Rats ass cares more about the profit than the people. One cleans ones own house before telling others how to do it right. You make it and sell it knowing full well what will happen.You can not sell it and then dictate it's use because once you have the money now you are insulted?