Watch Trailer for 'Animism', New Album by Inuk Throat Singer Tanya Tagaq


Tanya Tagaq, an Inuk throat singer, is a force of nature—or at least sounds like one. A recent profile by the Toronto Globe and Mail described her performaces as "cathartic," and ICTMN's Janet Rogers wrote that "she has found a fearlessness inside the reinvention of Inuit throat singing which liberates her as an artist and thrills us, as an audience."

"The lowest common denominator in humanity is the breath," Tagaq, who will be performing her acclaimed "Nanook of the North" show at Toronto’s Luminato festival on June 10, told the Globe and Mail. "Being able to communicate with every single person at a concert by the mere fact that we’re all breathing is so celebratory to me. I can feel all the energy from all the people in the audience. It comes into my stomach and then out my mouth. I’m feeding off them to make what I’m making."

Tagaq's latest album, Animism, has just been released by Six Shooter Records (and is available for $15 from; it's a more political work than her previous efforts, laying out "how I feel about colonialism, government and society," she says. Here's the gripping video trailer: 

You can learn more about Tagaq at her official site,, and her Facebook page. The clip above uses footage from the 2010 short film "Tungijuq," starring Tagaq and Zacharias Kunik. Here it is (warning: nudity):

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