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Alleged gunman Justin Bourque, 24, stalked the streets of a Moncton neighborhood killing cops, eluding them during a 30-hour lockdown before being arrested just after midnight on Friday June 6. This photo was shot by a local resident earlier in the day and posted to Twitter.

Moncton Shooter Arrested, Grieving Begins for Canada and RCMP


“We tried to warn the officer,” the 19-year-old Bernatchez told the National Post on June 5. “He seemed confused when he showed up of where he should place himself. We banged on the windows, we told him ‘turn around, turn around, he’s there.’ He turned around and it was too late. He got shot and he passed away.”

It ended in the backyard of Michelle Thibodeau, with Bourque’s arrest at 12:10 a.m. on Friday June 6. She watched as an Emergency Response Team vehicle spilled officers into her backyard and Bourque came out of a patch of trees at the foot of her yard, she told CBC News.

"Justin came out with his hands up, and he said, 'I’m done,'" Thibodeau told the network. Police said he was unarmed when arrested. 

Soon after, the RCMP sent out the news and told residents they were safe once more.

“Justin Bourque arrested by RCMP at 12:10 in Moncton,” the RCMP of New Brunswick tweeted. “He is in police custody. Residents of north Moncton can now leave their homes.”

A city breathed a sigh of relief, and the grieving began.

Throughout Canada, flags were flown at half-mast, according to the Cape Breton Post. The flag at the Peace Tower in Ottawa was among them, and Members of Parliament held a moment of silence in the House of Commons, reported the newspaper of neighboring province Nova Scotia.

"Now that we have the suspect in custody we have to focus on the future and moving forward to restore a sense of normalcy to our community," said Superintendant Marlene Snowman of the RCMP's Codiac region, where the slain officers were from, in a statement. "It will take some time to heal but together we will get there."


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Submitted by Shadowwolf480 on
I supposed those "homeschoolings" that this scumbag shooter received, did not do well for him socially. His hatred of cops and paranoid delusions might have been a result of his upbringing. They say he was a bully, espoused love for guns and violence. And came from a religious Christian family rooted in deep zealotry. I might also suspect that he was inspired by the NRA and other pro-gun/open carry (of assault rifles in public of course) fiasco going on in the U.S. right now. Based on his Facebook rants. This anti-government rhetoric has obviously expanded beyond U.S. borders. Native Americans should not confused them as being sympathetic to our causes based on our history with the U.S. government. In fact, the whole "anti-government" movement taking place right now, is coated with blatant racism and white supremacy.