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Grand Chief Gordon Peters gives opening address at the 45th Annual General Assembly of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI) on June 4, 2014. He was reelected to another three-year term along with Denise Stonefish, who will serve as Deputy Grand Chief.

AIAI Reelects Gordon Peters and Denise Stonefish to Top Chief Positions


The Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI) has reelected two longstanding leaders to new three-year terms at its 45th Annual General Assembly.

Gordon Peters was reelected as Grand Chief, and Denise Stonefish, won another term as Deputy Grand Chief, the group representing eight First Nations said in a statement.

“Grand Chief Peters and Deputy-Grand Chief Stonefish look forward to working with the AIAI Member Nations and each have stated they seek to strengthen the organization with more work in the communities and the next few years promise to be very productive,” the AIAI said.

Peters hails from the Delaware Nation, Moravian of the Thames. He has previously served as Ontario Regional Vice-Chief of the Assembly of First Nations and was president and CEO of the Centre for Indigenous Sovereignty during 30-plus years working for and in First Nation communities.

Stonefish will continue on as Deputy Grand Chief. She too is from the Delaware Nation, Moravian of the Thames, with experience that includes serving as a councilor for the Delaware Nation, plus a stint as portfolio holder for Social Services and Ontario First Nations Young Peoples Council with Chiefs of Ontario. She is also a former Grand Chief of AIAI.

Stonefish took over as Grand Chief after the abrupt resignation of Randall Phillips in September 2011.

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At the time, Peters moved into her vacated position of Deputy Grand Chief.

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A major topic of discussion at the meeting, besides electing the leaders, was the First Nations Education Act, which the Canadian government has not yet entirely discarded but which is not sitting well with Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

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