Utes Going Big On Gas Reserves to Boost Economy

Ute Indian Tribe Release

The proximity to other generation facilities did not impact the tribe’s decision to pursue development because the location of a generation facility does not determine the destination of the power generated. This is a function of supply and demand. Generators must supply energy to areas of the country where there is an unmet customer need. Depending on the demand of the power generated at the tribe’s facility, the tribe could sell its power to utilities outside of Utah, and intends to examine all available power markets.

Just like any other power producers, the Ute Indian Tribe must comply with the EPA’s emissions guidelines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing fuel-fired electric generating units. The tribe’s proposed facility will be one of the cleanest in the United States. This facility will use less fuel because it combines a gas-powered turbine with a steam turbine to increase efficiency. Its operational flexibility allows for rapid start-ups, minimal shutdown times, and fast and efficient adjustment to varying load demands. This generation facility is especially suited for grids with significant sources of renewable energy, as it can provide a firm power supply to accommodate the intermittent nature of renewables. An additional advantage is that greenhouse gas emissions and ambient air pollutants associated with power generation are significantly reduced. The tribe intends to continue examining the feasibility of developing a generation facility to meet increasing market demand for cleaner sources of energy.


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