Courtesy Oregon State University
Jacoby Ellsbury playing as a Beaver

Yankees Centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury Donates $1m to Oregon State U


Jacoby Ellsbury’s name will go down in history. Not as the greatest Native baseball player to ever play the game, (and perhaps it will) but in a more personal way.

The Yankee’s centerfielder donated $1 million to his alma mater. According to an Oregon State press release, Ellsbury, who is Navajo and Colorado River Indian tribes, made the donation to expand the baseball team’s locker room facilities.

"OSU Baseball has given me so much," Ellsbury told "I am thrilled I am able to help my alma mater carry on its proud tradition; and perhaps, this expansion will convince a few more Pacific Northwest recruits to wear OSU orange and black."

OSU also plans to name its locker room facilities after the former Beaver.

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Goss Stadium is in need of a few updates, including its overall infrastructure. The project is expected to cost $2.8 million and the enhancements are for the locker room, equipment room, a team meeting space and a new recruiting area. Ellsbury’s contribution accounts for 1/3 of the cost, says.

"We are tremendously thankful," coach Pat Casey said in the release. "Great facilities are at the core of great programs, and with Jacoby's generous gift we will be able to continue to offer our student-athletes a world-class experience."

"Oregon State is where I got my start," Ellsbury said. "It's where I learned -- from Coach Casey, teammates, and assistant coaches -- how to be a successful athlete, a successful person. For that, I am forever grateful."

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Submitted by bullbear on
Ain't it cool...if I am not mistaken, this is the first-ever that a athlete of tribal heritage has donated $1M to any cause. That is history making. I try to keep up with Jacoby's performance every week. And I know for a fact that he gives more than money. He gives youth his time and shares his knowledge and experience during youth baseball camps. Because he is well-grounded by coming from humble beginnings, he exhibits gratitude and praise to those who gave him the same when he was earning a place on the college baseball teams. Just as a thought, in the world of philanthrophy, the giving may have gone much further if a corporation or foundation were asked to match his donation. Generally speaking, universities have alumni that are very successful in the business world and they must give some of their wealth to charity or pay IRS more taxes. Pardon me for saying so, but when it comes to universities and their budgets, it aggravates me to no end when tuition rates climb and climb with each new fiscal year and I see new buildings being constructed every year or university satellite campuses popping up when there are already college campuses nearby. Parents are not an endless well. Tuition rates have increased so much that college is becoming less and less attractive. After all who wants to bury themselves in mounds and mounds of debt to where they cannot see daylight in their chosen profession. I feel that our college system is headed for catastrophe. Oh, I am sorry for rambling on...but I am very happy for OSU and wish them well in their effort at recruiting bright minds. High fives to Jacoby for bringing great pride to all tribal nations !