Polar bear view of a potential hookup.

Polar Bear Selfies! Watch Them Play, Flirt and Snack on Yummy Seals


It has been done with eagles, cats, dogs and all manner of creatures.

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Now the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has managed to outfit a polar bear with a camera and followed the animal as it frolics, chows down and flirts. Some of the content involves raw, shredded seal, so brace yourself.

The footage was taken in April via a camera-equipped radio collar attached to a female polar bear in the Beaufort Sea, according the to USGS.

“The video, which is the first ever from a free-ranging polar bear on Arctic sea ice, shows an interaction with a potential mate, playing with food, and swimming at the water's surface and under the sea ice,” the USGS said in its YouTube commentary. “These videos will be used by the US Geological Survey in research to understand polar bear behavior and energetics in an Arctic with declining sea ice.”

The research is part of a research effort dubbed the USGS Changing Arctic Ecosystems Initiative, according to, and dovetails with a Polar Bear Conservation Management Plan being developed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Polar Bear Recovery Team (which includes the USGS).

“The plan, when finalized, will guide activities for polar bear conservation. Other studies have already concluded that continued loss of sea ice habitat due to global climate change is really hurting the bears,” said.

Activists have long said that it is habitat destruction that is hurting polar bears, rather than poaching or other factors.

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Canada Declares Polar Bears a 'Species of Special Concern'

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