Art for Jena Malone's 'Indian Giver' single from Soundcloud.

Somebody Tell Jena Malone 'Indian Giver' Is a Racist Term


Actress and musician Jena Malone (as Jena Malone and The Shoe) has released a preview clip of her single for the celebrity-watching site JustJared, and it's the sort of cultural fumble likely to land her in quite a bit of trouble. She has entitled the song "Indian Giver."

As Crushable put it, the title is "a phrase she really should have Googled." Malone's most recent film work of note includes Sucker Punch, the TV miniseries Hatfields & McCoys, and a recurring role in the Hunger Games movies.

ICTMN's own Vincent Schilling wrote (in "What or Who Is an Indian Giver? A History of the Offensive Term") that the phrase dates back at least a century and a half, and is tied to the idea that the Indians encountered by Lewis and Clark and other expolers/invaders were unfair barterers. Really? We recall someone getting an unbeatable deal -- you might call it a steal -- on the island of Mannahatta and more than a few broken treaties and forced relocations. It's hard to think of a less accurate generalization, really.

In using the blatantly racist term without hesitation, Malone joins the ranks of Matt Lauer, Kris Jenner, Rush Limbaugh, and the 1910 Fruitgum Company. 

Here's the clip from JustJared, as well as a clearer 20-second snippet from Soundcloud:

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choctawgirl's picture
Submitted by choctawgirl on
Someone quick! Tell that albino to stop drinking white man's fire water because her singing is terrible. It sounds like screeching cats. O-o

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I'm sure this wasn't done maliciously, but ignorance is no excuse! Anytime a race or culture is addressed in a meme it should be considered carefully before using it. It's likely a slur.

Catfish101's picture
Submitted by Catfish101 on
That song is terrible! If you even call it music. Made me forget all about the racist term she used. Indian giving still goes on to this day and no one likes a indian giver.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
What a voice! This video proves that one requires neither talent nor innovation to become a star. Apparently a singer can go far judged only on the merits of her legs and sexual insinuations.