Source: Jasper County Sheriff's Office, via Des Moines Register; Sundance TV.
Any resemblance? 33-year-old David LaVera, left, is accused of abducting a teenage girl in Iowa. He had convinced her, and others, that he was 24-year-old actor Kiowa Gordon.

Alleged Sexual Predator Impersonated Kiowa Gordon; Actor Is 'Deeply Saddened'


A man who is accused of inappropriately touching two underage girls, and abducting one in his vehicle, seems to have gained his victims' trust by telling them he was actor Kiowa Gordon, who became famous as a member of the Wolfpack in the Twilight films and recently co-starred in The Red Road.

On Tuesday, Newton, Iowa, police arrested David A. LaVera of San Diego. He is charged with enticing a minor, carrying weapons and failure to have a valid driver's license, according to the Des Moines Register. "LaVera and the victim met at a park in Baxter" says The Register, paraphrasing a criminal complaint. "While there, LaVera touched the girl inappropriately and then lured her into his vehicle. ... The two then drove around the Baxter area until someone stopped the vehicle and got the victim out." After arresting LaVera, police found found two swords and five daggers in his car.

A week earlier, LaVera had inappropriately touched a young girl in a Newton park, and attempted to arrange an evening make-out session with her, to which she evidently had consented. The plan was derailed when the girl's mother found out and called the Newton police, who let LaVera off with a warning.

In both cases, the girls believed LaVera's claim that he was Kiowa Gordon.

LaVera had come to Iowa from San Diego after a Facebook correspondence with one of the teens. He had appeared at two area schools, performing stunts for students and signing autographs as "Kiowa Gordon." All of it was done according to school procedures, although one key detail seems to have escaped notice: When he signed in at the schools, he did so not as Kiowa Gordon but as David LaVera. LaVera also attended a school-sponsored eighth-grade pool party, by invitation. "I think that was a little weird because there was a bunch of girls in swimming suits," one of the teens told WHO TV

The real Kiowa Gordon, via Twitter, has commented on the situation.

"I am deeply saddened that there is a person out there trying to impersonate me and do harm to young girls," Gordon wrote, then in a second tweet said "My heart goes out to their families and anyone else who has been deceived or hurt by his actions."

LaVera is being held in Jasper County Jail on $50,000 bail, and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

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