Outpouring of Universal Praise for Redskins Ruling

ONEIDA NATION HOMELANDS (NY) (June 19, 2014) -- Press Release
The Oneida Indian Nation, the tribe that created the Change Mascot campaign, praised the decision of the US Patent & Trademark Office for ruling that the word "redskins" is a derogatory and offensive term and canceling its protection. 
Native Americans and Native Organizations
Amanda Blackhorse, petitioner
“It is a great victory for Native Americans and for all Americans.”
“I hope this ruling brings us a step closer to that inevitable day when the name of the Washington football team will be changed.”
“The team’s name is racist and derogatory … I've said it before and I will say it again — if people wouldn’t dare call a Native American a ‘redskin’ because they know it is offensive, how can an NFL football team have this name?”
Susan Shown Harjo, advocate
“It’s a good day to win! … I could not be more delighted about their decision today.”
Ray Halbritter, Oneida Indian Nation Representative and Jackie Pata, National Congress of American Indians Executive Director
“The U.S. Patent Office has now restated the obvious truth that Native Americans, civil rights leaders, athletes, religious groups, state legislative bodies, Members of Congress and the president have all echoed: taxpayer resources cannot be used to help private companies profit off the promotion of dictionary defined racial slurs.”
Brian Cladoosby, President of the National Congress of American Indians
“We were pleasantly surprised that the Patent and Trademark Office came out with their ruling today recognizing that this is a disparaging and offensive name that is being used by the Washington football team.”
“… genocide and racism is definitely connected with this name.”
Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills (Oglala Lakota)
“The U.S. Patent Office should never be used to defend a slur. NEVER — you can use caps.”
“The Washington Football team claims to listen to public opinions, but many of us question if we’ve been heard. Today’s decision will be heard.”


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