5 Native Athletes You Should Follow Now on Twitter


1.     Shoni Schimmel @Schimmel23

The Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote, “When it comes to Twitter followers, Schimmel has the fourth-most of her Dream teammates. Schimmel’s 5.4 assists rank fifth in the league, and the rookie clocks in an average of 25.4 minutes of court time for the Dream. All are important numbers, but the more than 20,000 Twitter users who see Schimmel’s daily voting reminders can help make the stats she puts up in her rookie season all the more worth it.”

Way to tweet, and/or retweet, Shoni.

Schimmel, the article said, may be on her way to the WNBA All Star game if she keeps this up. Most recently, the WNBA has opened up a social-media voting option. Fans can vote through the #WNBABALLOT hashtag and players like Schimmel may have a bit of an edge.

“It would be cool to be in the All Star game as a rookie especially,” Schimmel told AJC.com.

2.     Chris Wondolowski @ChrisWondo

Mr. Wondo-ful has managed to gain more than 100,000 (soccer standout Landon Donovan has just under 1 million followers) followers on Twitter since joining the social media network in 2010.

His latest tweet -- in honor of Father’s Day -- was posted on June 15 and was a photo of the soccer star with his dad who was in Natal, Brazil to cheer him on in Team USA’s first game of the World Cup. Wondolowski, Kiowa, warmed up for the team’s game against Ghana (which they won 2-1) but has yet to play.

But, with millions, perhaps billions, of eyeballs watching the Cup, if Wondolowski does take to the field, his number of followers might surpass Donovan’s.

Anyone willing to wager?

3.     Marshall Henderson @NativeFlash22

The former Ole Miss guard is too controversial to ignore.

With more than 69,000 followers, Henderson was recently in the middle of a Twitterstorm after sending anti-gay tweets out about football’s first openly gay NFL player Michael Sam. During the NFL draft, Sam kissed his boyfriend on live television after he found out that he was drafted in the 7th round by the St. Louis Rams (Sam will play with “namesake” Sam Bradford, Cherokee, who is currently the team’s quarterback).

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Here’s the tweet that caused a social media “boycott” against the player.


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