Vincent Brady via YouTube
Inside the double arch.

Video: Humbling, Dizzying Planetary 360-Degree Panorama Time Lapse Photos of Infinity


The night sky, as we know, is a marvel and a wonder. But that is hard to capture on camera. Photographer and videographer Vincent Brady has come pretty close with this time-lapse photography showcasing the night sky’s full, panoramic view. It’s the first-ever 360-degree panorama of the night sky, and it is magnificent.

At one point the viewer is looking out through holes in the rock as if it were the inside of a jack-o-lantern; at another, the Milky Way exactly matches and pairs up with Landscape Arch of Arches National Park, showing, as “a perfect example of how scape imitates space.”

The Navajo and other indigenous cultures have known that for centuries.

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A visit to Brady’s photo gallery will reveal some choice shots that did not make it into the final video but are more than worth seeing. That includes a stunning photo of Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation, which allowed him to stay the night and photograph the stars.

“I was lucky enough to make friends with the resident Navajo who granted me access to photograph the sacred land overnight,” Brady says on his site. “The skies were amazing and the Navajo were very accommodating for me and even lent me a much needed bed to sleep on. The skies above were crisp and clear with lots and lots of lights from airplanes flying into nearby metropolis.”

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