WWE heel 'Bad News' Wade Barrett taunts the DC crowd.

Even a WWE Bad Guy Knows 'Redskins' Is Racist


Add the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) to the list of unexpected critics of Washington's NFL team.

Recently, the organization formerly known as the Lingerie Football League (these days, LFL stands for "Legends Football League") announced its Washington-based franchise would not use the name "Redskinettes" out of respect for American Indians. On Monday night, at an event in D.C., WWE wrestler "Bad News" Wade Barrett, mentioned the issue to rile the crowd while talking trash about nemesis Dolph Ziggler:

“I will humiliate Dolph Ziggler so much that he will have to change his name, just like your racist, constantly losing NFL team. Thank you very much.”

The comment drew quite a reaction from the crowd, although there was Twitter debate over whether the fans were voicing their dislike of the name or singing "Hail to the Redskins." Home viewers noted that the WWE announcers declined to use the team's name when discussing the action.

For more, including video, see DC Sports Bog.

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Mike in LA's picture
Mike in LA
Submitted by Mike in LA on
Feuding's addictive, but if the respective combatants have had enough, here's a solution: Simply translate "Redskins" from English to American. The Washington boys are playing American football, after all, not Rugby. In the language of the first tribe to be called "Redskins" I reckon it would be "Walumchuyawak," with the "ch" pronounced as in German. If Mr. Snyder means the team name to honor Native Americans, as he says, what better way to do it than using an American word? And it alliterates with "Washington," who studied under that tribe.

stanleyheller's picture
Submitted by stanleyheller on
A New York Times article today says that Indian mascots are actually bad for business. You can still add comments at http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/25/opinion/redskins-is-bad-business.html? I answered a fellow who thought the real problem was Indian sovereignty and their casinos.