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Enbridge Inc.'s Line 9 could be reversed to carry oil sands crude from Ontario to Quebec.

Video: Idle No More Blasts Enbridge Inc.'s Line 9 Pipeline From Ontario to Quebec


First Nations across Canada are livid at the federal government’s approval of a massive pipeline built by Enbridge Inc. to run oil from the Alberta oil sands, through pristine indigenous territory in British Columbia, and on to the Pacific Coast for export to Asia.

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But there’s another project being proposed for oil sands crude, by the same company. Enbridge in March won approval from Canada’s National Energy Board to reverse the flow of oil in Line 9, a pipeline that runs between Southern Ontario and Quebec, according to The Globe and Mail.

As with Northern Gateway, the NEB said the $110-million project will have to meet 30 conditions regarding safety, public consultation and other issues, The Globe and Mail reported. The pipeline itself has been in place since the 1970s, but now Enbridge wants to reverse the flow.

But touting the fact that its Line 9 is already built is the very reason that it should not be used to transport more-flammable crude from the Alberta oil sands and the Bakken in the U.S. Originally constructed to bring crude from western Canada to Quebec, the pipeline was reversed to flow from east to west so as to bring imported oil to Southern Ontario, The Globe and Mail explained.

“In recent years it has been seldom used as the cost of imported crude surged,” the newspaper said.

In the video below, activists Clifton Nicholas and Clayton Thomas-Muller talk about the disruptions that are bound to take place if Enbridge reverses line 9, which cuts through Kanehsatake territory. They also emphasize their solidarity with those fighting against Northern Gateway at the other end of the country, united by, among other concerns, the desire to see oil sands development curtailed. 

“From Coast to Coast to Coast Indigenous nations are standing together against pipeline development and sending a clear message that we need to protect our Sacred Water by stopping all pipelines and by stopping the Tar Sands at the source,” Thomas-Muller says in the video. 

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