Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation Career Services Testing Coordinator Landra Alberty demonstrates how to find practice GED tests for Day Worker Sally Fogleman at the new Pryor GED testing center.

Cherokee Nation Opens Newest GED Testing Center In Pryor

Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation opened its newest GED testing center in Pryor, Oklahoma earlier this month to help more students attain jobs.

Starting this year, GED testing must be completed on a computer in an authorized computer lab. The Cherokee Nation operates three of the state’s 37 computerized testing sites.

Those sites include the W.W. Keeler Complex in Tahlequah, Career Services Office in Stilwell and now Cherokee Heights housing addition in Pryor.

“The work we are doing with GED testing, and the results we are getting, is very encouraging,” said Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. “Some of our citizens struggle with barriers to employment, including lacking a high school diploma. Career Services helps them overcome those barriers, paving the way for a brighter future.”

The Pryor site can test up to nine people at any given time.

“We looked at our top three sites that had the most individuals coming in to take the GED test and made those locations our priority to adapt to the new computerized testing requirement,” said Stephanie Isaacs, director of operations for Career Services. “The Pryor location, specifically, is one where there’s not another option around for miles.”

The GED testing site is open to anyone, not just Cherokee citizens.

In addition to the Cherokee Nation having three GED testing sites, it also operates a Career Literacy Program for tribal citizens ages 16 and older to help them study and prepare for GED testing at their own pace.

Last year, more than 120 Cherokee citizens completed the program and received their GED. The program had a success rate of 77 percent, higher than the national average.

For more information on GED testing and the Cherokee Nation testing sites, call Landra Alberty at 918-696-3124 or 918-822-2444, or to register to take the test visit

For more information on the Career Literacy Program, call Career Services at 918-453-5555.

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