courtesy Ashley Callingbull
Adam Beach and Ashley Callingbull at the 2012 Dreamcatcher Gala.

Needed: Selfless Souls to Party With Adam Beach and Ashley Callingbull!


The Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation is seeking nominees for its 10th annual awards, and the winners will get to attend the star-studded gala in October.

Dreamcatcher Fund Communications Director Ashley Callingbull (yes, the same Ashley Callingbull who is a model, Blackstone actress and Miss Universe Canada contender), Enoch Cree, contacted ICTMN with details on the nomination process and the big party.

Signed on to host the event are actors Adam Beach, Salteaux, and Lorne Cardinal, Cree, and legendary surf-pop group the Beach Boys will rock the house. A host of celebrities—Canadian and not, Native and non-Native—are expected to attend. In previous years, attendees have included actor Gil Birmingham, rapper Ludacris, country singer Shane Yellowbird, model Mariah Watchman, actor Emmanuel Lewis, and actor Eric Schweig (Blackstone)—just to name a few.

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An ideal nominee will be, according to the application, "a community organizer who has worked with either youth or community groups at the grassroots level and have not received the level of recognition deserving their work," and any Canadian Aboriginal is eligible. The awards are presented to recipients in five categories: Sports, Education, Arts and Entertainment, Health, and Lifetime Achievement.

The Gala will take place October 23, 1024, and nomination forms are due July 8click here to download the PDF. Alternatively, you can get the form from the official site, where you can also learn a lot more about what the foundation's mission and activities.

To get an idea of the pageantry and flair of the big shindig, check out these personal photos Callingbull shared with ICTMN from a previous Dreamcatcher Gala:

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