10 MORE Things Native Americans Can Do Better Than You

Simon Moya-Smith

Native Americans are varied and versatile; they're resourceful and poised. From Diné to Lakota to Ute, check out these 10 things Native Americans can do better than you.

1. Piss off Dan Snyder

Six federally protected trademarks go bye-bye? Aw. Poor you.

2. Turn the President of the United States into a babysitter

President Barack Obama is the fourth sitting president to ever visit an Indian reservation, and possibly the first to ever be made babysitter while the rest of us go get fry bread. 

3. Make a "Happy" Pharrell a bit bummed out, and notice that even he can't tell what's offensive to Native Americans

Funny hat man and "Happy" singer Pharrell's faux pas on the cover of Elle UK Magazine where he was photographed wearing a Native American headdress recently prompted a surge of opposition on Twitter. He later apologized for his behavior and probably got a hug from Gwen Stefani, another celeb to declare she just didn't know that Native Americans are still alive to be offended by this foul form of cultural co-opting.

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4. Make Khloe Kardashian apologize for being a complete ass - again

Khloe Kardashian faced criticism recently when she, again, was photographed donning a Native American headdress for her niece, North West. This is the second time Khloe has been seen culturally appropriating Native American culture by wearing a faux headdress. Third time's a charm? Wait for it.

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