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China Stops Issuing Permits for GM Grain Imports From US


China’s quarantine agency has halted issuing permits to import US-produced DDGS, an animal-feed ingredient made from corn. China is the largest buyer of the by-product, in which corn is stripped of its starch for ethanol production.

The grain was deemed at high-risk of containing MIR 162, a genetically modified strain not approved by China.

It looks like the government is determined to stop any form of corn imports from the U.S.,” said Sylvia Shi, an analyst at Shanghai JC Intelligence Co., a Shanghai-based agricultural research company, to Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Last year China purchased 34 percent of American DDGS exports—double the share of Mexico, the second-biggest buyer, official numbers say, reported Natural News. More than 40 percent of US-grown corn is used to produce ethanol.

Chinese analysts think the crackdown will eventually lead U.S. farmers to produce more non-GMO corn to meet the country's import standards. 

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