Iroquois Nationals U-19, who were the Bronze Medalist Field Lacrosse Team at the World Lacrosse Championships in 2012 in Turku, Finland. The team will play in Denver, Colorado on July 11, 2014 for the World Lacrosse Championship.

Iroquois Nationals Gearing Up for World Lacrosse Championships in Denver


Chris DoctorHaudenosaunee  (Mohawk Nation) heritage,( University of Penn State), Chris enters his fourth season as an assistant coach with the Penn State men's lacrosse team during the 2013-14 academic year. Doctor was pivotal to Penn State's 2013 success as the Lions went 12-5 with a CAA regular season crown and a NCAA Tournament appearance. Doctor runs the faceoff crew for the Nittany Lions.

Jason Johnson Haudenosaunee  (Mohawk Nation)serves as Assistant Coach with the Rochester KnightHawks and Hamilton Nationals, and will serve as the team’s Head Scout. Head Trainer, Marty Ward Sr.,Haudenosaunee  (Onondaga Nation),  AHL Hockey trainer for 25 years, and Onondaga Nation Redhawks trainer for the last 10 seasons. Allen Sonny Shenandoah Haudenosaunee (Onondaga Nation), Onondaga Nation Redhawks trainer. Tony Pineda Haudenosaunee( Tuscarora Nation), trainer. Kaweiente George Haudenosaunee (Mohawk Nation), trainer, Stanford Medical University

The self-esteem and self-discipline are essential elements for every international team but a combination of representing the originators of the game of lacrosse, and the Pride representing all indigenous athletes will enable the Iroquois Nationals to be strong to meet the mental and physical preparations require of a World Class Team.

Here is the most current list of players on the Iroquois Nationals' roster:

1       Warren Hill

2       Marty Ward

4       Lyle Thompson

5       Franklin Brown

7       Miles Thompson

9       Craig Point

11     Tyson Bomberry

13     Myan Adams

17     Jesse Jimerson

19     Ty Thompson

21     Brendan Bomberry

22     Jerome “Hiana” Thompson

24     Mike Lazore

26     Brett Bucktooth

28     Vaughn Harris

33     Zach Miller

43     Zach Williams

44     Taylor Smoke

45     Randy Staats                         Stots

47     Travis Hill

61     Zed Williams

63     Thomas Montour

66     Alexander “Kedo” Hill

71     Oakley Thomas

72     Adam Bomberry

74     Jeremy Thompson

77     Jeff Shattler

79     Sid Smith

81     Roger Vyse                            Vice

88     Cody Jamieson

93     Johnny Powless

HEAD COACH: Steve Beville

ASSISTANT COACHES: Cam Bomberry, Marc Van Arsdale, Mark Burnam, Jerome Thompson Sr., Chris Doctor

GENERAL MANAGER: Gewas Schindler

SUPPORT STAFF: Ansley Jemison, Marty Ward Sr., Sonny Shenandoah, Mikayla George, Tony Pineda, Jason Johnson



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