Courtesy Audre'y Eby
Early last year, Audre’y Eby dropped by her former spouse’s home in Iowa to visit her twin sons. She discovered that her blind child had two black eyes, and his head was swollen. The boy hadn’t seen a doctor; when he finally did, Eby recalled, the doctor said he couldn’t suggest the cause of the injuries because they were already healing.

Sioux Mother Jailed for Rescuing Her Abused Sons; Tribe Steps Up

Heather Steinberger

“You can’t medicate abuse,” Eby reflected. “In this environment, we don’t have the behaviors that were showing up in Iowa, so they don’t need all those medicines anymore.”

Until now, Eby and her husband were paying out-of-pocket for all of the boys’ care, a tough prospect on an hourly feedlot wage, she noted.

“Fortunately, we have a payment plan with urgent care,” she said. “But when medicines are $1,000 apiece, there’s just no way to keep up. This month, though, we’ll finally start getting their Medicaid benefits here in Nebraska.”

Despite the stress of the ongoing legal battles, Eby said she takes great pleasure in spending time with her sons.

“They talk about all their plans for the future, even dating,” she said, chuckling. “Their father wanted to put them in separate homes against their wishes, but there’s an assisted living facility in Kearney that can take them both. We’re so glad to have them here, but they’re in their late teens, and eventually they want to have their own apartment.

“People love my boys, because they’re so funny, and so happy,” she continued. “They take a lot of energy, but it’s worth every minute. I also try to remember that all of this is bigger than me. For some reason, God chose me for this fight. So I’m blessed.”


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Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
What wonderful news hearing all the good things that have happened for this family! Prayers DO produce bounty when they are sincere, unselfish & come from the heart! I had wondered what was happening with this family & now we all know! Now this is some good news for a change out here happening in Indian Country! Let's all STILL keep those prayers coming for this family & perhaps even MORE blessings can come into their lives!

Amber Mann McLean
Amber Mann McLean
Submitted by Amber Mann McLean on
Bless their hearts! Audre’y Eby <---- How to MOM like a BOSS! Praying there will be only improvements from now.

Tol Tol Wiyaka Ska's picture
Tol Tol Wiyaka Ska
Submitted by Tol Tol Wiyaka Ska on
Two Bears Growling. I so wish our story had a happy ending. As you can see from the follow up story they have my sons and refuse me contact. The case worker from the so called Native Unit there at Iowa dhs sioux city Iowa is blocking me from any contact and further sees my sons as needing to be placed in institutions same as the dad aka abuser. I can only pray something will change and my sons will return to me and our people. Thank you for all your support and Prayers!