Sonny Sixkiller on the cover of the October 4, 1971 issue of 'Sports Illustrated'

Legendary Quarterback Sonny Sixkiller: Redskins Name 'Is Racist to Me'


Sonny Sixkiller was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and is a member of the Cherokee Nation -- he's also one of the most accomplished quarterbacks ever to play for the University of Washington. When Sixkiller arrived on campus in 1969, the Huskies were not a good team, posting a 1-9 record his freshman year. Sixkiller took over as starting QB the following season, and led the team to records of 6-4, 8-3 and 8-3 in the years 1970-72 (although he missed four games his senior year due to injury). In three years, Sixkiller racked up 385 completions, 5,496 yards and 35 touchdowns -- and set 15 school records.

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Sixkiller recently spoke with CNN about the controversy surrounding the name of the Washington (DC) Redskins. The Redskins organization has tried to frame this issue as one that Natives don't care about -- this clip suggests otherwise, and we hope it will be shared widely to counteract the misinformation.

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nanker68's picture
Submitted by nanker68 on
Wow! A great comment from a class act and a fellow Husky from the 60's and 70's. I remember the abysmal 1-9 season (I was a sophomore) and I remember how he turned the program around, pointing it in the right direction for the great coach Don James to come along and restore Husky Pride! Let's hope Sonny's remarks will similarly keep public opinion on this issue pointing and turning forward in the same direction. Like the Husky record in the years mentioned above, it can take a while. But thanks for the article and thanks Sonny! Fantastic! As one who has come around on this issue since the last go around (I loved the previous owner, I loathe this one - oops, careful, I don't want to get sued!), I am reminded of the benefits for me of having a Husky education.

Joseph Muhammad
Joseph Muhammad
Submitted by Joseph Muhammad on
Thank you.