You Won’t Believe This: Filmmaker Says Native Genocide Didn’t Happen


During a July 2 interview with Megyn Kelly, host of Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza says the genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of this country didn’t happen.

Bill Ayers, an elementary education theorist and former leader in the opposition of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, went head to head with D’Souza during the interview.

“The American Indian population shrank by 80 percent over 150 years,” D’Souza says. “The main reason for that was not because of warfare or systematic killing, it’s because the white man brought with him from Europe diseases to which the Native Americans… did not have any immunities.”

D’Souza, who produced the film “America,” couldn’t be more wrong. The diseases weren’t only brought over from Europe, but literally handed to the Indigenous Peoples in blankets with the intention of wiping out the population to take their land. Do we even need to mention the Indian Removal Act or boarding schools?

Watch the full video and see Ayers and the YouTube commentator defend these positions.

Here’s a video from YouTube—start watching at 2:35—with some commentary:

Or read the transcript from the show here.

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newworldman's picture
Submitted by newworldman on
Megyn Kelly also had on her show Ben Shapiro, who vehemently defended the use of the Redskins mascot for the Washington DC football team. Her guest Simon Moya-Smith (an attorney and Native American) was the lone protester among three defenders of the mascot. Megyn nearly shut him down while giving Shapiro free rein to speak his mind. Odd, considering that Shapiro, like Redskins owner Dan Snyder, is Jewish, and they know all too well what targeting an ethnic group with slurs and discrimination can do.

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Submitted by alexjacobs on
90% of most tribes were killed, died from diseases, some were of course 100% eliminated, it was total war, in other countries & wars, the population would bounce back because the civilian population - women & children weren't targeted-- our families were targeted---sources say at least 50 million dead since contact...its genocide proper...

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Submitted by cerena on
Blood quantum, forced dilution, and the resulting self-termination is on-going genocide.

Ruth Crook
Ruth Crook
Submitted by Ruth Crook on
O. M. Freaking G!!!!! This is unbelievable!! A lot of the time I am ashamed of my name. My husband's family is related to General George Crook - "A great Indian fighter". As if that were a good thing! Our written and oral history is replete with examples of malice against Native populations. It must take some amazing determination to filter it out!

John Schnaubelt
John Schnaubelt
Submitted by John Schnaubelt on
Didn't happen!? Sadly, it is still going on today.

John Schnaubelt
John Schnaubelt
Submitted by John Schnaubelt on
Ask people if they would have been a slave-owner in the 1700s and 1800s, and today the majority would say "heck no!". But the truth of the matter is, it was the norm back then. Everybody owned slaves. Presidents owned slaves. So if they say "no", then they are probably lying to you. Ask those same people if they would have been an abolitionist and you'll probably get a "yes". But abolitionists were shunned, especially in the south. Kind of like the Marshall court judges, who took risks in proclaiming that we must honor treaties and we can't just "remove" indians to make way for expansionism. These were not popular opinions or rules of law. And it still affects us today! The Indian Removal Act is still on the books, and needs to be repealed. Washington Redskins is offensive? The Removal Act is 100x more offensive! Jackson suspended judicial review during his two terms, and Congress went along with him. Only the judiciary stood firm and said "no we can't remove Indians by force from their homes". But the judiciary had no way to enforce their rule of law. Is there a statute of limitations for judicial review? Because if not, I think Jackson's policies towards the Indians needs to be reviewed and reparations made, starting with disbanding the BIA and handing over Native trust responsibility to a federation of all Native Tribes. Surely Indians can manage their trust assets better than any government agency can, and surely they are as competent as any US citizen today to do so. The BIA is the country's most fraudulent, criminal cabal, and with the BIA as their mentor, it's no wonder most Native tribes are led by corrupt leaders who only care about themselves. Not all, mind... but certainly most. Just one Wasichu opinion.

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Penny Nebrich
Submitted by Penny Nebrich on
Yeah, we know. And the Holocaust didn't happen either. Where do these morons come from?

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Submitted by ElvinM on
D'souza is a idiot who has had everything he says proven wrong by Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks

Raymond G's picture
Raymond G
Submitted by Raymond G on
He does not know what he is talking about. Go to a few of the reservations and speak to some of our elders and they will tell you exactly what happened. Plus. I suppose all previous researchers did't not what they were talking about?

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Submitted by redwood on
It very much WAS a reality here in California! When California became a state in 1850, the state legislature applied for, and received, funds from the federal government to be used expressly for the formation of "state militias," whose sole purpose was to kill Native people. The slave trade was alive and well here, as well. Often, entire villages were massacred so that our children could be stolen, and sold into "indentured servitude." Laws were passed... and existed far after slavery was ended elsewhere, that said that no Indian could testify against a white man, and that any Indian deemed to be without property or gainful employment, could be taken into servitude, without pay. (his,her room and board was his pay...) Then, there is the matter of the 18 unratified treaties... negotiated in good faith by many of the tribes and agents of the federal government, which were hidden away for more than 50 years, at the request of the California state legislature. When those treaties were discovered in the early 1900's, the federal government suddenly realized that there were still Indians in California, and sent more agents, who were instructed to buy up small parcels of land and put those remaining native people on those small plots... henceforth the reason for the "rancheria system" and many small bands in California today. Yep, by the time they got around to dealing with California native people, they had quite refined their genocidal policies. Add to that the additional use of those disease-ridden blankets (that is a story known to my husband's tribe, which caused his ancestors to move their village a few miles away) and of course, the boarding school experience... My husband didn't speak English when he was taken from his family, and within a few months and several beatings later, he could no longer speak his language... If that is not genocide, then I wonder what other term this man, D'Souza, might call it.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Apparently D'Souza isn't the only one. Here's the SUGGESTION that the Native American genocide didn't exist (based solely on court actions) from commentary in the thread "Ugly Precursor to Auschwitz . . . " _____________________________________________________________ Ergun Kirlikovali THE ALLEGED ARMENIAN GENOCIDE IS A DISCREDITED POLITICAL CLAIM While the Jewish Holocaust is a court-proven, factual genocide, there is no court verdict for the Armenian claims. Holocaust is supported by a competent tribunal, Nuremberg; where is the Armenians' Nuremberg? Read more at ____________________________________________________________ Indeed! Where is the Native American Nuremberg? When you're not the victims it's apparently easy for ANY mentally-deficient arm chair scholar to claim that any genocide doesn't exist. Ask the descendants of the people killed? Find the gravesites? If you don't believe that a genocide was committed for fuck's sake keep your ignorance to yourself!

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
(To John Schnaubelt): you said, " Ask people if they would have been a slave-owner in the 1700s and 1800s, and today the majority would say "heck no!". But the truth of the matter is, it was the norm back then. Everybody owned slaves. Presidents owned slaves. So if they say "no", then they are probably lying to you." ____________________________________________________________ Well, not EVERYONE! Most Black people then did not own slaves, and not all Native tribes owned slaves (and the ones who DID treated their slaves much better than White slave owners). I don't think any Chinese owned slaves in America. As far as I know it was only the Europeans who owned slaves. The British, the French and certainly the Spanish owned (and procured more) slaves. ____________________________________________________________ Isn't is sad to think that the "founding fathers" who wrote such lofty phrases as, "It is self-evident that ALL MEN are created equal," and "with liberty and justice for ALL," were little more than hypocrites. THEY KNEW what they wrote, but since it was the norm they believed they're off the hook. It was once the norm to take the scalp of Native men, women and children for money and THAT's where your Redskins come from!

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Submitted by teacherjames201 on
This man has no real clue!!!! , If you read history and read all the government documents we see his claims are false.I have studied and researched the answers for my self , This guy needs to go back to school and learn real truth!!!!!!!!!!

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Submitted by askanindian on
Most people don't understand psychological warfare or warfare tactics so he can't connect the dots that it was done intentionally and planned far in advance and i'm sure he's just lying to further perpetuate lies. However considering the great sacrifices Indian families made so we could be as strong as we are today is amazing. Read The Militarization Of Indian Country by Winona LaDuke. Eat that

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Submitted by rockymissouri on
There is no excuse for a supposedly "educated" human being to remain so very stupid as D'souza..!! He should be embarrassed.