Photo courtesy of the KQ Designs Custom Beadwork
The regalia for Women’s Northern Traditional, the oldest style of women’s dance, is updated with modern patterns and bead colors.

4 Ways Pow Wow Regalia Has Changed Throughout the Years

Tish Leizens

2. Intertribal, not just one style

Knapp said the difference today is that the pow wows are intertribal. While in many cases dancers follow their own tribe and nation’s regalia patterns, a growing number draw up their own designs.

“It’s about how the individual feels, what is going on in their lives,” said Knapp.

In his studio, he has gotten orders from dancers that use traditional tribal patterns but combine it with their own style with the use of tri-cut and colorful beads, which were not available 20 years ago.

He cited an Ojibwe from Michigan who makes use of their tribe’s traditional flowers and berries patterns but updates her regalia with non-traditional and contemporary beads.World champion fancy dancer Larry Yazzie shows off his skills and regalia in youthful colors, accented in neon colors. (Photo Courtesy Christal Moose)

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