10 Ways to Tell You Might Be a Rezballer!

Vincent Schilling

Chances are if you even clicked the link to read this article – you just might be a rezballer. You know what we’re talking about – balling on the rez. You might even have a basketball tucked under your other arm as you are reading this article, you’ve got your basketball shoes on and you’re ready for a game right now.

But for those who may not be 100 percent convinced they’re a true rez basketball player, and may want to know if they qualify as a true rezballer – here are 10 ways to tell – you might be a rezballer!

You’ve talked about Shoni or Jude Schimmel at least once a week for several years now

Before Shoni even dribbled and shot her way into the WNBA with her sister Jude following fast behind, you’ve been talking about her NCAA matchups and games with the Louisville Cardinals as part of the Schimmel Sister power-up team! If you are all about some Shoni and Jude – You are most likely a rezballer!

If you’ve salivated over Nike N7 Kicks

While most ballers might be wishing they could get the latest LeBron kicks, you know you’ve been looking at the Nike N7 website like, “I’m gonna get me some of those!” But seriously, if you looked at those N7’s with a wishful eye, you are a kickin’ rezballer!


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