Yellowstone grizzlies have unwittingly been eating more fruit recently.

How Did I Miss That? What a Bear Does in the Woods; Found Smallpox

Steve Russell

The Journal of Animal Ecology published a study showing that since wolf populations have returned to Yellowstone National Park, the average proportion of fruit in grizzly bear scat has risen substantially. This is because the wolves prey on elk, which had been winning the competition for the berries. My cousin Ray Sixkiller said that when he regrets running out of money before he could go to graduate school, he remembers that graduate students get to do things like traipse around the woods picking up bear droppings.

Samuel Friedman published an analysis of the recent US Supreme Court cases at the intersection of religion and government that suggests the relevant dividing line is not politics or gender, but religion. All justices are, for the first time, either Jewish or Catholic. The Jewish justices form a solid bloc against entanglement of church and state. The crude reasoning is that Christians often use government to hammer non-Christians, who are often Jewish. Cousin Ray pointed out that Sonia Sotomayor, a Catholic, also votes against letting Christians run things. “Must be her Indian blood,” he speculated, “since we have a history with what happens when Christians run things, too.”

R.I.P. Nadine Gordimer, who walked on at age 90, leaving South Africa better than she found it, and having won a Nobel Prize for literature while having three of her novels banned in her home country: A World of Strangers, The Late Bourgeois World, and Burger’s Daughter. Gordimer always claimed to be disinterested in politics, but forced to write the world as she found it. If I had a buck for every American Indian writer who said the same thing….

Rep. Andy Harris (R-Maryland) is trying to block the government of the District of Columbia, where African-Americans are 50 percent of the population and 90 percent of the pot arrests, from making possession of up to one ounce of marijuana punishable by a fine of $25. Cousin Ray and I both wondered if $25 is a little steep.

Diane Francis published an op-ed in Canada’s Financial Post admitting “(t)he problem is not Keystone XL, other pipelines, President Obama or Al Gore. It’s oil sands emissions and other environmental challenges.” Cousin Ray commented, “Duh. What were the First Nations saying from the get-go?” Francis went on to suggest that the environmental problems could be fixed, but did not say how people would believe that after all the years of denial.

This is written in Utah, where all the media are buzzing about the arrest of two ex-attorneys general on very colorful corruption charges in involving large sums of money, Italian sports cars, and California spas. The Deseret News reported that former AG John Swallow used a Ferrari and a houseboat belonging to a businessman currently facing an 86-count federal fraud indictment. The friend of Mr. Swallow is a high enough roller that one of his houseboats has a helo pad. “You never can tell,” Cousin Ray reminded me, “when you might need to hop in your helicopter and leave your houseboat for some location that can only be reached in time with your Ferrari.”

Late last month, workers at the National Institute of Health found six apparently forgotten vials of smallpox virus when moving a lab. Naturally, they immediately contacted the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Subsequent testing showed the smallpox virus was viable. Then this month, the CDC made separate safety errors involving a particularly deadly strain of bird flu and anthrax. Cousin Ray asked, “Now, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?” The CDC is responsible for enforcing federal safety protocols at other labs.

In other bureaucracy news, the Associated Press reported that the Selective Service System sent 14,000 threatening letters to potential draftees in Pennsylvania warning them of “possible fine and imprisonment.” The recipients were born between 1893 and 1897. The error was compounded when families who actually got the notices because they still lived at the same addresses tried to call their local draft board and the understaffed organization put them on forever hold and then dropped their calls. Some grandchildren of the men named in the notices said they hadn’t had so much fun since they tried to use the first month it was supposed to be up.

Jochen Bittner, political editor of Die Zeit, published an op-ed in The New York Times about the recent embarrassments of the CIA getting caught recruiting German double agents and the NSA getting caught tapping Angela Merkel’s cell phone. After listing some of the dirt that the CIA has done since WWII and pointing out that the Germans have learned better,


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