Yellowstone grizzlies have unwittingly been eating more fruit recently.

How Did I Miss That? What a Bear Does in the Woods; Found Smallpox

Steve Russell

Bittner asserted “sharing intelligence with the Germans must be like being on a pub crawl with a member of a temperance society.” Cousin Ray understood, and proved it by observing that the Germans sharing intelligence with the CIA would be like serving booze at an AA meeting.

Bishop Mark Harrison wrote to Kate Kelly, explaining why she was being excommunicated from the Mormon Church for apostasy: “You are entitled to your views, but you are not entitled to promote them and proselyte others to them…” The view that got her kicked out is that women should be allowed in the priesthood. Cousin Ray told me I should pipe down about this, because Bishop Harrison’s letter gives me something to say every time one of those Mormon missionaries knocks on my door.

Kelly’s excommunication comes shortly after the Church of England voted to allow women to serve as bishops, having ordained women as priests since 1992. Cousin Ray could not resist pointing out that Henry VIII started the Church of England to legitimize his multiple wives, usually changed out by cutting the head off the incumbent. The Mormons just stacked up the wives. “A rational woman would want to serve either church why?”

Hillary Clinton’s book, Hard Choices, has been bumped off the bestseller list by a fact-challenged farrago of nonsense of which even Rush Limbaugh is skeptical, Blood Feud. The author of Blood Feud, Edward Klein, posits nasty skullduggery between the Clintons and the Obamas that has somehow escaped the notice of real reporters all these years. His book certainly contains more sex and violence than Hard Choices, so Cousin Ray was considering a bid for the movie rights.

WFAA reported that the landlord of the Johnson Family Mortuary in Ft. Worth, Texas went to his property about two weeks after giving the mortuary notice to vacate for nonpayment of rent. He found no employees but what he did find disturbed him enough to call the police, who got a search warrant and discovered “eight bodies, aged from infant to adult…in varying stages of decomposition, some quite advanced." The building had no refrigeration.

Foreign Policy noted that because of crises going on in Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel, the boy dictator of North Korea’s latest tantrum—launching two missiles from Kaesong, barely twelve miles from the South Korean border—has failed to move the media needle. What would normally have been front page news in all major newspapers was relegated to about six column inches on the inside of USA Today. Cousin Ray speculated that Kim Jong-un might get more ink by changing his hairstyle or making Dennis Rodman a general. “You know, something significant?”

In a development tribal governments had better notice, The New York Times reported that four of the 12 casinos in Atlantic City have gone bust this year. In Las Vegas, gambling now accounts for only about a third of casino revenues, the other two thirds coming from restaurants, entertainment, and retail stores.

The same Congress that has failed so far to pass the bipartisan Veterans Affairs fix put together after it came out that veterans have died waiting for medical care has come up with a new cash infusion for Israel’s Iron Dome missile shield. The interceptors—which the Israelis try not to use unless the incoming rocket is likely to hit people, about 27 per cent of the time---cost $20,000 each. The rockets they intercept cost about $800.

Earlier in the conflict, Chris Hayes reported on the irony that Hamas explicitly targets non-combatants in open violation of international law, while Israel goes so far as to have teams whose only duty is to notify Palestinian civilians of impending air strikes. In spite of this, the Palestinians, who lack the shelter system the Israelis have, have suffered many more civilian dead.

Livescience reported that excavations from the Four Corners area of the Southwest show that Natives experienced a “precolonial baby boom,” when birth rates appeared to show each woman bearing approximately six children. This rapid growth lasted hundreds of years and collapsed around 1300 after severe regional droughts. Anthropologists attributed the baby boom to a shift from nomadic to sedentary living and the success Natives had in selective breeding maize to produce plumper kernels and more of them. This would be the same process for improving crops that Europeans attribute to Gregor Mendel, who would live from 1822 to 1884.


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