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World Lacrosse Championship Player Profile: Zach Miller


ICTMN is profiling the Iroquois Nationals players during the World Lacrosse Championships in Denver, Colorado, which ends on July 19. For fans who want to know a little bit more about some of their favorite players on the Nationals’s roster, here’s today’s (final) featured player, Zach Miller.

Miller, Seneca, grew up on the Allegany Indian Reservation in western New York. He is a student at the University of Denver and just finished his first season leading the NCAAin freshman scoring with 57-point (38 goals, 19 assists). Miller, 19, also earned Freshman of the Year accolades helping the Pioneers through its third consecutive Final Four.

In March, The Denver Post said in an article that Miller was “good enough to make lacrosse history” and “fearless on the field.”

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"At home on the 'res,' lacrosse is the sport to play," Miller told the newspaper. "We have an outdoor box and also an arena, so in any type of weather, you're always hanging around there, shooting around with buddies."

Zach Miller (

Lacrosse Magazine also named him one of the “15 Freshman to Watch.” His coach Bill Tierney told the magazine that Miller is the complete package.

"He does everything," Tierney said. "He can face off, he can play midfield, he can feed, he can finish on the inside, he can play attack, he can play behind, he can shoot. This kid has it all."

Good luck, Zach!


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