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Iroquois Nationals win bronze medal in World Lacrosse Championships

Iroquois Nationals Dominate Australia, Win Bronze Medal in World Lacrosse Finals


The Iroquois Nationals secured their first-ever medal in the World Lacrosse Championships finals on Saturday, July 19 beating Australia 16-5 for the the bronze medal.

Brothers Lyle and Miles Thompson dominated the field throughout the game. Each scored four points against Australia. Iroquois goalie, Warren Hill also had a successful round, saving 11 goals.

"I expected nothing less than for this team to come here and win," Lyle Thompson told "We beat Australia in the round robin and I didn't expect to lose to them today. We're competing at the highest level and I think it just gets better from here for the Iroquois Nationals."

The Nationals had consistently finished in fourth place in the 1998, 2002, and 2006 games. In 2010, the team was denied entry in to England to compete in the World games in Manchester after they tried to use their Haudenosaunee passports, representing their Nation’s sovereignty.

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Overall, Miles Thompson was the leading scorer for the Nationals, earning 16 goals and 15 assists. Lyle Thompson came in second overall with 16 goals and seven assists.

The Nationals finished 5-3, losing once to the USA and twice to Canada, the team that ultimately took home gold. Australia finished 3-5.

"All credit to the Iroquois, [the heat] just seemed to hit us harder after the half," Australia’s head coach Glenn Meredith told Lacrosse Magazine. "We thought our superior fitness would help put us over the top [with it close at the break], but all of the sudden they were dodging and we were coming up flat-footed."

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