Native Nations Institute

Start Learning About Native Nation Building for Free Today


Starting today, the Native Nations Institute at the University of Arizona is offering its “Native Nation Building” course for free.

This is an online introductory course in the “Rebuilding Native Nations: Strategies for Governance and Development” series that would typically cost $75.

It will be offered for free to the first 200 people who request registration information by emailing [email protected].

The course surveys the nation-building efforts of Native nations today, and compares and contrasts the two approaches to economic and community development they typically pursue. The course will also present the five keys to successful nation building, and explore why each is so important to economic and community development.

Click here to watch a video about the course series.

About the Series

“Rebuilding Native Nations” took six years to develop and was launched in 2012. Designed for use by Native nations and tribal colleges and universities, the curriculum examines governance and development challenges facing Native nations. Read more about the course series here.

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